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Trivia of cotton pads you must know

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An item can be used in many skin care processes, like makeup removal, cleansing, toning ...... Do you know what is it? Right! It is cotton pad.

We can see it on mall counters, online stores, supermarket shelves, downstairs stores ..... almost everywhere in our life. But materials and types of various cotton pads are totally different: non woven, degreasing cotton, spunbond, multi-layers, single-layers, crimped, or insertable design. The process required varies with the material and texture. How much do you know about the different types of cotton pads?

cotton pads

Material of cotton pads

There are three types of cotton pads: pure cotton, mixed materials and non woven.

Pure cotton: Most of the cotton pads on the market are pure cotton. The advantage of these cotton pads is that they are particularly soft, skin-friendly and have little friction on the skin. The disadvantages is also obvious. They are easy to fall off the wadding, not firm enough.

Mixed materials: This kind of cotton pads are generally made of mostly cotton mixed with a small amount of fiber. So it is both soft and enhanced toughness, suitable for makeup removal, and not easy to fall off the wadding, but the soft skin-friendly feeling is a little worse than cotton pads. And the friction on the skin is also slightly greater than the cotton pads. People with sensitive skin should be used with care.

Non woven material: Non-woven cotton pads are lighter and more absorbent. The softness is good and more suitable for wet compress. However, it has the greatest friction on the skin and is not convenient for removing makeup.

cotton pads

Shapes of cotton pads

There are several kinds of cotton pads:

1. Non-crimped cotton pads

This type of cotton pad is more absorbent, and the disadvantage is that it is too soft and easy to fall of the wadding. It can be used to remove eye makeup, and also be tron into several layers for wet compresses, saving both cotton pad and water.

2. Crimped and thickened cotton pads

It is not easy to fall off wadding because of crimping, so it can be used for removing makeup or secondary cleaning.

3. Insertable cotton pads

Insertable cotton pad is thicker, harder and tightly crimped. There is an opening on the back, easy to insert your fingers into, and can be used to remove makeup or for secondary cleaning. But It is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

cotton pads

4.Thin cotton pad

This kind of cotton pad is also very water-saving, and will not fall off the wadding. But it is easily consumed and can be used for secondary cleaning, wet compresses or putting on the lotion. It can help to save skin care products and you will not be so heartbreaking.

5.Double-sided cotton pads

Some cotton pads are different on both sides,. One side is mesh and the other side is glossy. The glossy side is for hydrating and the mesh side is for cleansing, so it has multi functions and can be used for different purposes.

cotton pads

The production process of cotton pads

The general process of cotton pads making machine is as follows: loading raw material-automatic conveying - embossing- roll cutting - arranging and conveying the finished products - waste collection - automatic counting - the finished products. There will be slight differences in the process, but they are all pretty much the same.

The forming process of cotton pad is usually done by ultrasonic welding or heat melting technology to ensure that the whole production process can be completed at the same time from material feeding to finished products cutting and stacking. What’s more, unlike other processes, Hengyao cotton pads making machine can realized one machine for multiple uses. Just need to change different mould to produce different shapes and patterns of cotton pads. And it is not picky about the material in cutting, and the products cut out are without burr. The machine can collect the finished products neatly and has high efficiency.

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