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Guardian for respiratory health: cabin air filter

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What is cabin air filter? Do you know about cabin air filter? Today the articles will take you through cabin air filter.

What is cabin air filter

The air filter is a must to protect your car's air conditioning system. The cabin air filter, also known as the pollen filter, is a type of filter that specializes in cleaning the air inside the cabin. Its main function is to filter small particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial emissions, dust, etc. that enter the car from the outside in order to improve the cleanliness of the cabin air and prevent these pollutants from harming people's health.  



The cabin air filter is available for petrol and electric cars. It is located in different places depending on the car model. In most car models, the cabin air filter is located in the co-driver’s glove compartment, and in some cars there are two locations for the filtration and purification.


In general, it is better to change the cabin air filter every six months or once a year or every 5000 km. If you have higher requirements for the quality of the air in the car, you can check the cabin air filter in spring or autumn. If there is no smell and it is not dirty, you can clean it with a high-pressure air gun. However, if it is mouldy or visibly dirty, it must be replaced immediately.

Classification of cabin air filter material

There are different types of cabin air filter materials, each with different filtering effects. They can be roughly divided into : pure non woven, bamboo fibre, cold catalyst, activated carbon, nano-mineral crystals and HEMP. In addition to the first two, most of them are combined with HEPA filter paper for filtration. Non woven, activated carbon and HEPA cabin air filter made are the most widely used on the market.

Non woven filters filter the air with the pleats of a certain thickness that are formed by folding the white filament non woven fabric. As no other adsorption or filtration materials are available, the non-woven fabric is used for simple filtration of air, which is a single effect filtration, so this filter can not filter formaldehyde or PM2.5 particles. The type of cabin filter is normally the original cabin air filte rin most cars. With low wind resistance, it is cheap and available from a wide range of purchasing sources.


Activated carbon cabin air filter is added with an activated carbon layer based on common fibre cabin air filter. The two filtration materials are folded into pleats. The fiber layer filters the smoke, dust and pollen and other pollutants in the air; the activated carbon layer not only absorbs formaldehyde and other harmful gases, but also effectively filters PM2.5 in the air and removes odors, realizing the double filtration. But the activated carbon layer is thicker than common filter, so the airflow is reduced. It also has an upper limit of adsorption and a short service life, so it needs to be replaced in time.


HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. It has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns (PM0.3), providing effective filtration of pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria. Therefore, the HEPA filter is very powerful in filtering particulate matter and is the best of all filter material available in terms of filtering PM2.5, and its price will be relatively high.

The production of cabin air filter

As people become more demanding about the quality of air in their cars, the production of air conditioning filters needs to meet market demand. At present, most of the air filters in the market are produced semi-automatically or manually, with low production efficiency and high labour cost. Therefore, Hengyao has developed a cabin air filter production machine that integrates the entire process from raw materials to finished products. It uses a roller to crease the paper, which is highly efficient and stable, and adopts a rotating impeller to guide and then glue the side strips so that the products are evenly spaced; it can also glue four side strips at the same time and produce high quality products.

HY300U-04 全自动空调滤芯制造机-新

(HY-Automatic Cabin Air Filter Making Machine)

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Since the filtration effect of the activated carbon air filter is better than that of common air filter, for cities with more dust and haze and poor air quality, it has become necessary to install activated carbon air filter, so the activated carbon air filter has a broad market prospect. To meet the market demands, Hengyao has developed a fully automatic activated carbon folding, welding and cutting machine. The machine operates fully automatically in the folding and sealing process, and adopts ultrasonic rolling and fusion crimping, which can ensure that the carbon powder of the filter does not leak; it also adopts blade-type folding paper into pleats with the advantages of adjustable size and strong material compatibility. Obviously, It is a high production value.

HY300U-09 全自动活性炭折叠熔切一体机

(HY- Automatic Activated Charcoal Cabin Filter Pleating and Cutting Machine)


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As the cabin air filter is used for a longer period of time, the amount of dirt adsorbed on the filter gradually increases. This results in greater air resistance and a reduction in air flow, which affects the air in the car. However, these problems can be solved by sticking a sponge strip around the filter. Cabin air filters with a sponge strip can be dust-proof, shockproof and air leak-proof, and have a longer life and better application. The automatic cabin air filter gluing and bonding machine can automatically glue the sponge on the edge of the cabin air filter. The machine is controlled by PLC and servo motor, which greatly improves production efficiency and product consistency after production. Only one person can operate the machine, which greatly saves labour cost. A wide range of product sizes can be available by changing moulds.


(HY- Sponge Sticking Machine for Cabin Air Filter)


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Through unremitting efforts and continuous innovation, HengYao has independently developed a series of automated production equipment to meet the various production needs of filter manufacturers.

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