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Why do hotels choose disposable slippers?

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As the world develops, people pay more and more attention to hygiene and pursue health and enjoyment. In order to meet the needs of consumers, hotels are gradually abandoning plastic slippers and replacing them with disposable slippers. Why do consumers increasingly favor disposable slippers? Is it really necessary for the hotel industry to choose disposable slippers?


Why do consumers choose disposable slippers?

Firstly, influenced by the epidemic and consumption perception, more and more people are becoming conscious of hygiene and health. They care more about the sanitary conditions, especially in places that provide accommodation and food. Secondly, disposable slipper has various advantages such as breathable, waterproof and non-slip due to its materials and designs. Meanwhile, compared with other life essentials, plastic slippers is easy to get dirty, space-consuming and not easy to pack and organize. But these problems are perfectly solved by disposable slippers which not only are easy to carry, clean and sanitary, but also effectively avoid cross-infection resulted from repeated use by different people. Thirdly, as hotels have a high flow of people and frequent renewal of residents, disposable slippers can be provided in different sizes according to the needs of consumers. Therefore, disposable slippers have become the first choice for consumers when they go out instead of plastic slippers.


Why do hotels choose disposable slippers?

On the one hand, disposable slippers are put into mass production after sizes are confirmed, so producing disposable slippers are more convenient and easy. At the same time, disposable slippers have low requirements for fabric. Manufacturers can consider less factors during production. Simply set the right size and disposable slippers can be produced in large quantities. Besides, since plastic slippers can be reused, hotels have to clean and disinfect them before guests use them, which increases the cost of using plastic slippers. But the cost will be gone if hotels choose disposable slippers. What’s more, if plastic slippers is not clean enough, it will also reduce the customer’s goodwill towards the hotel, which is not conductive to the establishment of the hotel’s corporate image.

On the other hand, customized disposable slippers can become a “business card”of hotels. Many high-end hotels regard slippers as a symbol of their service quality. Their slippers are made of excellent material and printed with hotel logos, which brings guests a comfortable experience while invariably enhancing the hotel brand impression, and to a certain extent enhancing the corporate image and culture of the hotel, becoming a “living business card” for corporate publicity.


How to choose well-performed equipment for producing disposable slippers?

When purchasing a disposable slippers making machine, it is important to consider not only the price, but also whether the products produced by the machine can meet the needs of the public and enterprises. Disposable slippers production equipment from Hengyao automation can automate every production process. Meanwhile, sizes and looks of products can be customized according to the needs of customers, and can also printed with individual patterns, satisfying different needs, which is a first choice for low cost, high efficiency and high quality production.

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