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What is the difference between medical protective shoe cover and general shoe cover?

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Medical protective shoe cover, also called as medical isolation gown,  is generally divided into knee high shoe cover and ankle high shoe cover and is one of the common protective items for dust, water and epidemic prevention in clean rooms. But do you know the difference between medical protective shoe covers and general protective shoe covers?

Disposable Medical Protective Shoe Covers

Medical shoe covers are generally used by medical staff and for hygiene protection. Complying with the YY/T1633-2019 standard, it is suitable for medical staff, disease control and prevention staff to use when handling blood, body fluid, secretion and other pollutants that are potentially infectious.



According to users’needs, disposable medical shoe cover can be used for protection of different grades. Under the risk of touching a lot of liquids, we can wear a series of impermeable medical shoe cover and knee high protective covers. For example, knee high non woven isolation boot cover is not only durable, waterproof, breathable, strong and effective isolating, but also does not slide down, which can greatly improve the protection for users. Meanwhile, the non-slip tread on the bottom of the medical shoe cover reduces the risk of slipping during use and increases safety.


The outer layer of the disposable medical isolation shoe cover is a high quality polyethylene film and the inner layer is a polypropylene non-woven composite material, which will provide higher strength and barrier properties compared to other shoe covers.

shoe covers style

Disposable general protective boot cover

Shoe covers, also known as overshoe, can be used to cover the mouth of shoes and are commonly used to protect the user from dust without having to take off the shoes and to achieve a pollution-free environment. According to its material, it is divided into non-woven shoe covers, PE shoe covers, cloth shoe covers, anti-static shoe covers, velvet shoe covers, rainproof shoe covers and non-slip shoe covers. The disposable general shoe covers are usually made of non-woven fabric, PP, PE, etc.


Non woven material, a kind of new eco-friendly material,  is anti-static, anti-slip, practical, aesthetically pleasing and naturally biodegradable, which makes them more popular with customers; PE material is safe and non-toxic. Products made of this material can meet the requirements of environmental protection, high filling characteristics, in line with the needs of most plastic products, good processability, simple processing technology, and high in demand, mostly used in food processing, or general protection environment.


Disposable general shoe covers are usually white or blue, and have an elastic on the top to fit snugly around feet and shoes, keeping the environment clean and dust free. Not only is it easy to use, it can be non-slip, anti-static and dustproof, but it is also much cheaper compared to non-disposable shoe covers and easier to handle than medical shoe covers.


Equipment for two kinds of shoe covers

Hengyao shoe cover making machine, Function of sealing strips can be optional according to the needs. Adding sealing strip can make shoe cover better sealing, protective, more breathable, and more comfortable  to wear. The machine welds the shape by ultrasonic and cut 1:1 by precision hopping cutter. The product is beautiful, strong and accurate in size.

HY400M-05 靴套制造机


(Display of products with sealing strips)


(Display of products without sealing strip)

Automatic disposable shoe cover, can be compatible with PP and PE material and complete the whole process production without waste, efficient and cost saving. It has more table operation performance with single layer material feeding and folding. Automatic wrapping of elastic makes a high quality and beautiful product.

HY500-09 鞋套制造机鞋套20鞋套1

(Product display)

The two different equipment can satisfy different production requirements and customer application scenario and are a must for the production of isolation protective shoe covers

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