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How will the mask industry develop after the end of COVID-19 pandemic?

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If COVID-19 pandemic is over, how will the mask industry develop?It’s widely  believed that the mask market will shrink and demand for face masks will greatly decline. But is this really the case? Of course not.

Protective items such as face masks, alcohol and disinfectant have become one of the daily sources of security in the COVID-19 outbreak. During the Spring Festival in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brook out in Wuhan. The whole country was under strict control. In addition to basic living materials, face masks had been transformed from a non-essential item to a necessary temporary protective item. During this period, companies around the country with capacity expanded the production of face masks or switched to produce face masks, partially fill the gap in the supply of face masks in the short term.


However, under the premise that production capacity is now restored and the epidemic prevention and control work is steadily progressing, market demand has been met and the mask industry will tend to rationalize in the future, and the additional production lines temporarily set up during the epidemic will face the risk of idleness or disposal.

So what can face mask manufacturers do to improve their impact? This will require innovations in the production of face masks. On the one hand, after one of the biggest human epidemic infections in a century, people will pay more attention to health and safety issues. With increased awareness of safety and protection, demand for face masks will continue.


On the other hand, face mask manufacturers used to supply their products to its business partners. But due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the manufacturers has diversified form B2B into selling to consumers directly since 2020. Therefore, they need to cater to the preferences of C-users in different categories.

After the end of the epidemic, consumers will also pursue quality, functions and design of face masks on the basis of protection. Only with innovations in these aspects can manufacturers steadily occupy the market of mask industry. For example, manufacturers can provide face masks with functions other than protection, such as anti-bacteria, portability and comfort, improve differentiation and stylishness of face masks, design products for different groups of people, etc., so as to establish their own brands.

However, the prerequisite for the production of good face masks is that you need a well performed production line. Hengyao Automaton, specialized in manufacturing automatic equipment for disposable face masks, is a good choice for you. The lip reading face mask making machine is specifically designed for the hearing impaired; Color tracking and positioning face masks can meet consumers' needs for fashion and help to establish corporate brand characteristics; Activated carbon breathing valve welding face masks can not only improve user experience and comfort, but also effectively filter air. Cup type face mask featuring softness, comfort and unique design, is a special face mask for labor protection and can effectively filter and absorb tiny harmful industrial dust. Many types of face mask production lines have been developed and put into the market by Hengyao Automation, helping mask manufacturers to be at the forefront of the industry and market.

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