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How much do you know about doctor caps?

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Do you really know about doctor caps? Doctors caps, as the name implies, are the caps worn by doctors. The regular colors of doctor caps are white, blue and green. The common sizes are 18 inches, 19 inches, 20 inches, 21 inches, etc. Doctor caps are mainly used to prevent hair or dandruff from falling out to infect patients’ wounds and contaminate the sterile environment of the operating room when doctors perform surgery. Besides, they can be applied to not only scientific research, laboratories and other sterile environments, but also food, chemical, electronic, beauty salons, environmental protection and other industries, whose main function is to keep out dust and microorganism.

surgical cap

What is the difference between doctor caps and nurse caps?

According to their names, some people may think that the doctor caps are worn by doctors and the nurse caps are worn by nurses, but they aren’t. Disposable doctor caps, as medical caps, are a kind of medical consumables used in clinical surgery to prevent hair loss and the carriage of bacteria. The doctor caps can be used by anyone who needs it. The nurse caps, also called the dovetail caps, are work caps for nurses. They are also a symbol of the nursing profession. Only official nurses can wear the nurse caps and are qualified to nurse patients. In addition, the number of horizontal bars on the nurse caps also stands for the different rank of their position.

surgical cap

What do we need to pay attention to when wearing a doctor cap?

1. Choose the right size of doctor cap and ensure that the cap can fully cover the head and hairline hairs to avoid hair exposed.

2. Disposable doctor cap has a tightening band or elastic band to prevent the hair to scatter when wearing. Those with longer hair should bundle their hair before wearing the cap and snap all their hair into the cap.

3. The two ends of the disposable doctor cap’s closure must be placed on both sides of the ear and are not allowed to be placed on the forehead or other parts.

surgical cap

Disposable doctor caps will be destroyed after using, which stop germs to spread back and forth, can effectively prevent the spread of germs among patients and reduce the chances of virus transmission.

surgical cap

How do doctor caps produce?

Doctor caps making machine, also called surgeon cap making machine, is fully automatic equipment for producing doctor caps with non woven fabric as raw materials.

The production process of Hengyao doctor caps making machine are fully automatic from raw material to finished products. After feeding single-layer material, it welds elastics by ultrasound, folds material and forms into shape by guide roller, welds the edge of caps by ultrasound and finally discharges to hob cut product shapes. Meanwhile, ultrasound can firmly weld the edge of doctor caps and elastics, which ensure the high quality of products. Compared with other large machinery and equipment, Hengyao doctor caps manufacturing machine has a fine process and adopts PLC control system, which can be operated by one person and is simple to operate, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.

Besides, doctor caps making machine adopts single-layer material production and can continuous feeding material, not only simple to load material, but also improving production efficiency. Adjustable tension system can reduce the dimensional error of the product to a certain extent, ensuring the beauty of finished products. At the same time, one machine can be used for produce different types of products by replacing mould. That is, the machine can produce not only different size of products, but also doctor caps with and without straps. The pattern of welding joints can be customized according to your needs. Therefore, this is highly cost-effective doctor caps production equipment.

surgical capsurgical cap

Now,  do you know more about the doctor caps?

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