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Dongguan Hengyao Ultrasonic Machinery Co.,Ltd views on the development direction of the mask market and mask machine in the post-pandemic period

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A. The demand for masks will soon be transferred to a large percentage of the decline channel, and there will be a large area of inventory and idleness of masks and mask machines in the market. At the same time, the prices of masks will also be upside down, and even a certain range of dumping will occur. A recovery period of 5-6 years is expected for the market to reach equilibrium.

B. The demand for masks will shift from pandemic protection to labor protection of industrial production. The general market will shift from basic flat masks to customized color masks and functional masks. Mask manufacturers and mask machine manufacturers will usher in a long cold winter.

C. The original international big brands mask manufacturers will also face big challenges. Due to the impact of the pandemic in 2020, many mask retailers have no masks to sell. Some of them have started their own production of masks, and some of them have transferred the mask production from China to their mainland, and most mask manufacturers have transferred orders from China to Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Cambodia and Thailand.

D. The masks and mask machine on the market will also usher in a qualitative change. The mask market will take the quality of the masks as a breakthrough, and only high-efficiency and low-resistance masks will have a future. The standard for masks will also be formed, a large number of substandard products on the market will be taken off the shelves, and the government's supervision of masks will become more and more strict. Mask machine suppliers will also provide more high-quality and efficient production machine, and will transform from mask automation to intelligent mask machine. Mask production will become more standardized. It will become a one-stop service of production-testing-packaging-sterilization.

E. Due to the huge impact of the three-year pandemic, more countries and regions will incorporate mask production into spare supplies, and the mask market will shift from the previous production areas to a global development. The output of top mask manufacturers has increased many times in the past three years. Taking 3M as an example, the output in 2022 is 10 times more than that of 2019. The same is true for other medical mask manufacturers. Not only did they increase their production capacity, they also started a reasonable global development of their mask factories. Mask equipment manufacturers also began to upgrade the original equipment, and started CE and FDA certification to adapt to international sales.

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