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Could you not tell the difference between a surgical gown, wash clothes, protective clothing and an isolation gown?

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Do you know the difference between disposable surgical gown, disposable washing clothes, disposable protective clothing, and disposable isolation gown? Today, we’re going to help you find out about these medical clothing.

Disposable Surgical Gown

Surgical gown is a mostly light green and blue clothing with long sleeves, long gown turtlenecks and opening in the back, which is worn with the assistance of a nurse. The inside of the surgical gown which directly touches the doctor's body is considered a clean area. The outside f the gown, which comes into contact with blood, body liquids and patient, is regarded as pollution area.

The surgical gown plays a dual protective role in the surgical process. On the one hand, the gown creates a barrier between the patient and the medical staff, reducing the likelihood of the medical staff coming into contact with potential sources of infection such as the patient's blood or other body fluids during surgery; on the other hand, the gown can block the transmission of various bacteria from the medical staff's skin or clothing surface to the surgical patient. Therefore, the barrier function of surgical gowns is considered to be the key to reducing the risk of infection during surgery.


In the industry standard YY/T0506.2-2009, there are clear requirements for surgical gown materials such as microbial penetration resistance, water penetration resistance, flocculation rate, tensile strength, etc. Due to the characteristics of surgical gown, its production process should be strictly controlled. If we use manpower to sew the seems of the surgical gowns, not only it will be inefficient, but also the variability of individual skills will lead to insufficient tensile strength of the surgical gowns, which will easily cause the seams to burst and reduce the effectiveness of the surgical gowns.


Hengyao automatic surgical gown making machine can effectively solve the above problems. Controlled by full servo+PLC, it has high capacity and can adjust the product sizes according to the customers' needs. The reinforced patches can be firmly attached to the non woven fabric with the latest dispensing technology. Welding of four straps or six straps can be freely selected. The whole automatic process including folding, welding shoulder parts and cutting makes the production more intelligent.

HY400M-09 全自动手术衣制造机

(HY - Surgical gown making machine)

Disposable washing clothes

Washing clothes, also known as scrub top, usually short-sleeved with a V-neck, are the working garment worn by staff in the sterile environment of the operating room. In the some countries, they can be worn by nurses and doctors as the regular working uniform. In China, scrubs are mainly used in the operating room. Upon entering the operating room, the operation staff must wear scrubs and put on the surgical gown with the assistance of nurses after washing their hands.

Short-sleeved scrubs are designed to make it easier for surgical staff to clean their hands, forearms and the frond third of the upper arm for those involved in the procedure, while elastic trousers are not only easy to change into but also comfortable to wear. Some hospitals like to use different colors to distinguish staff in different roles. For example, Anesthesiologists usually wear dark red scrubs, while their counterparts in most Chinese hospitals wear green.


With the development of Covid-19 and increasing attention to hygiene, there are higher requirements for healthcare consumables and disposable washing clothes are gradually occupying the market. Disposable washing clothes has the characteristics of anti-permeability, high resistance to hydrostatic pressure, etc., coupled with its good breathability, skin friendliness and wearing comfort, making it more popular than the traditional non-disposable  in the healthcare industry.


Hengyao disposable wash clothes making machine can quickly respond to market needs. After loading the double layers material, it can automatically cut the upper material, punch and weld the pockets, as well as cut the straps and neckline. Welding the straps makes the product stronger and more reliable. Individually controlling cutter by servo, it can freely adjust the length of the product; pocket function are optional to meet different needs.

HY400M-03 洗手服机-1

(HY - Washing clothes making machine)

Disposable protective clothes

Disposable medical protective clothing is a disposable protective item worn by clinical medical staff when in contact with  patients with or being treated for category A infectious diseases in order to prevent healthcare workers from becoming infected. As a single barrier, medical protective clothing characterized by good moisture permeability and barrier properties can effectively prevent people from becoming infected.


According to GB19082-2009 technical requirements for disposable medical protective clothes, it consists of a hat, top and trousers and can be divided into one-piece and split structure; Its structure should be reasonable, easy to wear and have tight seams. The cuffs and ankle openings are elasticated and the hat face closure and waist are elasticated or with drawstring closures or buckles. In addition to this, medical disposable gowns are generally sealed with adhesive tape.

Disposable isolation gown

Disposable isolation gown is used for medical staff to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids and other infectious substances, or for the protection of patients to avoid infection. It is a dual way isolation, generally not for the role of medicine, but also widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, bioengineering, aerospace, semiconductors, spray paint environmental protection and other clean and dust-free workshops in all walks of life.


There is no corresponding technical standard for isolation gowns because the main function of isolation gowns is to protect staff and patients, prevent the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoid cross infection. There is no requirement for airtightness, water resistance, etc., and the only isolation role. When wearing an isolation suit, it is required that it should be the correct length and free of holes; when taking it off, attention should be paid to avoiding contamination.

Do you now have a basic understanding of these four types of medical clothing? Regardless of the type of garment, they all play an important role in protecting patients and healthcare workers that cannot be ignored.

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