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Can you really tell the difference between different types of medical masks?

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Can you really the difference between different types medical masks? Do you really know about all of these masks, like regular medical masks, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks, N95 masks, KN95 masks ...? If you feel confused, this article will take you through these different masks.

Types of medical masks

Medical masks is composed of three layers fabric. The inner layer is generally non-woven or normal sanitary gauze; the middle layer is generally an isolation filter layer made of ultra-fine polypropylene fibre meltblown material; the outer layer is generally a special anti-bacterial layer made of non-woven or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material.

In summary, there are three types of medical masks:

1. Regular medical mask

Regular medical masks, also known as medical disposable masks, are used to block the mouth and nasal splashes with the lowest level of protection. It is suitable for general health care activities, such as sanitation and cleaning, dispensing liquid, linen cleaning, etc., or for the barrier or protection of particles, pollen, etc. other than pathogenic microorganisms.


2. Medical Surgical mask

Medical surgical mask is suitable for the basic protection of medical or related personnel and for stopping the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes during traumatic operations with a medium level of protection and some respiratory protection.


3. Medical protective mask

The medical protective mask is used for the protection of medical and related personnel against airborne respiratory infections and is kind of airtight, self-absorbing and filtering medical protective device with a high level of protection which is particularly suitable to be worn when contacting with patients with airborne or close droplet-borne respiratory infections during their treatment activities. It filters out airborne particles and blocks droplets, blood, body fluids and microdroplets of secretions as a disposable product.


Classification of applicable standards

1. The applicable standard for the selection of medical disposable masks is YY/T0969-2013 Single-use medical masks. Medical masks are mostly designed and manufactured by enterprises, which generally cannot guarantee the filtering of pathogenic microorganisms and dust, and the actual effect of protection is not very satisfactory.

2. The applicable standard for the selection of medical disposable masks is YY0469-2011 medical surgical masks. Medical surgical masks have a filtration efficiency of over 95% for bacteria and more than 30% for non-oily particles, and are mostly rectangular in design and do not fit as tightly to the face as medical protective masks. Common medical surgical masks are strap masks, ear loop mask, etc.



3. The applicable standard for the selection of medical medical protective masks is GB19803-2010 technical requirements for medical protective masks. The medical protective masks are divided into three levels, each with a filtration efficiency of 95%, 99% and 99.97% for non-oily particles. KN95/N95 masks have a filtration efficiency of more than 95% for non-oily particles, and general medical protective masks can meet the requirements of "N95/KN95" at first level.


However, it need to be noted that:

KN95 masks are based on the Chinese standard GB2626-2006 Respiratory Protection Products Self-absorbing Filtered Anti-Particle Respirator and are divided into KN and KP series, with KN series blocking non-oily particulate matter and KP series blocking both oily and non-oily particulate matter. Later in July 2020, the new standard GB2626-2019 was implemented, adding practicality to the assessment indicators.

The N95 mask is a concept proposed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the US federal regulation 42 CFR Part 84, including N, R, P three series. N series are respiratory protection apparatus (including masks) which can block non-oil particles. However, N95 can not be founded in the relevant domestic standard system. Therefore, the applicable standard is GB2626-2006 and NIOSH certification.


Generally speaking, the particle filtration efficiency of KN95 and N95 masks is the same, but their certification standards and performance tests are different. Both KN95 and N95 masks are classified as medical and non-medical. The standard of medical masks has an additional item- "surface moisture resistance", which can protect against splashing body fluids. It is relatively more stringent. 


In addition, the Chinese standard GB2626-2006/2019 refers to the regular KN95 mask standard and the medical KN95 standard is GB19083-2010. Ordinary people and healthcare workers who are not exposed to high-pressure liquid spray can use regular KN95 masks.


The KN95/N95 head strap mask has a better seal, which not only protects the respiratory tract from bacteria and dust, but also allows for sponge strips to be attached, making it more comfortable to wear. The adjustable buckles on the ear straps of the masks can effectively relieve ear pain caused by prolonged wearing of the masks.



Classification of production machines

Medical masks are generally sterile. It requires to be produced require  in a class 100,000 sterile clean plant with air conditioning purification systems and purified water systems. Besides, the production of medical masks is completed after the raw materials have been selected and the mask has been shaped, pressed, trimmed, ear loops welded, the nose wire welded, packaged, sterilized and analyzed (EO sterilization).

In order to achieve the above production process, fully automatic or semi-automatic production equipment is required. The finished medical masks can be produced by one fully automatic machines that is able to complete the whole production process, from feeding raw materials to packaging. In addition, the flat mask machine can be composed of one mask main body making machine and 2 or 3 ear loop welding machine, which can realize high efficient production.

Henyyao full automatic high speed flat masks machine and high speed folding masks machine, equipped with photoelectric detection and automatic counting function, automatically welding ear loops and nose wire, welding and cutting edges, which guarantees the beauty and high quality of products. It also can be equipped with deviation rectifying device and sponge attachment device, allowing the products to meet a wider range of market needs; The machine is able to producing ear loop masks, head strap mask, adjustable buckle masks, making the products more competitive.

So as to satisfy different production needs, Hengyao masks machine can automatically pack the finished products, convenient and hygienic; flat mask can be equipped with the function of automatically putting masks into boxes. One mask main body machine connected with two ear loop welding machine make the production more efficiency. Hengyao masks machine all can realize the automatic production of strap masks, ear loop flat (folding) mask, head strap masks, protective film mask and other masks for different use groups and scenarios, and have a wide market.

HY100-05A 一拖一平面外耳带防护镜片口罩机

(HY100P-05A  Automatic Protective Film Medical Face Mask Machine)

HY200-03 全自动头挂式折叠口罩机

(HY200-03 Automatic Head Strap Folding Mask Machine)

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