Disposable Compressed 
Towel Machine
Hengyao automation has been the first one to develop fully automatic machine in China with the process of cotton material cutting, folding, steam humidifier, compressed and packaging the towel tablet.
 What is a compressed towel?
A compressed towel is a cotton towel that is compressed into different shapes and sizes of small tablet. 
The towel tablet expands when water is added. You can use the towel tablet for home, beauty, 
camping and hiking. It is suitable outdoor use and easy to carry.
 How To Use A Compressed Towel
 Material For Compressed Towel Machine
The material should be 100% cotton and no additives

  plain pattern    EF pattern    pearl pattern    mesh pattern
 Benifits Of Compressed Towel
Compressed towel is an essential household item in our daily life
1.Compressed towels are easy to carry due to their small size.
2.The compressed towel swells when it is in water, greatly facilitates transportation, carrying and storage.
3.Compressed towel can bring people in hygiene life when people travelling and doing business and outdoor camping.
 Compressed Towel Size
Compressed towel size for automatic compressed towel machine
 Automatic Compressed Towel Machine
 Automatic Compressed Bath Towel Machine
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