Automatic Protective Film Medical Face Mask Machine

In medical activities, in order to prevent harmful liquids from splashing into the eyes of medical staff, our company has developed a fully automatic protective film mask making machine, which uses ultrasonic waves to weld transparent lenses and standard flat masks at a speed of 40PCS/min. It is widely used in dentistry, surgery, emergency and other areas that require eye care. It can reduce the risk of cross-infection. 
1.Machine Model No.: HY100P-05A 
2.Control Mode:PLC control 
3.Machine Size (mm) : L5820* W3393 * H1825
4.Voltage : AC220V 50HZ/60HZ ≤15A 
5.Pressure : 6 kg/cm² 
6.Rated Power : 7.5KW 
7.Capacity : 35-40pcs/min
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  • HY100P-05A

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