Automatic Lip Reading Mask Making Machine

It is fully automatic production line from raw materials feeding, transparent film welding, face mask melting and cutting to ear loop welding and finished mask collection. Waste collection device is available. The special feature of the mask is that the position of the mouth is changed to an open design, that is a transparent film is placed to facilitate others, especially the hearing impaired, to communicate with the lips as usual. Auto packaging function and CCD detection system will be optional which easy operation and as well meet the various needs of customers. 
1.Machine Model No.: HY100F-04 
2.Control Mode : PLC control 
3.Machine dimension(mm) : L6982 X W2720 X H1688 
4.Voltage : AC220V single-phase 50/60HZ 
5.Rated power : 2.6KW 
6.Main actual power : 2.0KW 
7.Capacity : 20-30 pcs/min
  • HY100F-04

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