Air Filter Pocket Making Machine

This is a special equipment for the production of primary-effect air filter pockets. It is designed with the latest technological concept. It can weld 8 layers of materials at the same time as well as slit and weld the intermediate strips at one time. The size of the cutter can be set and the collection of finished products can be equipped with automatic recovery. The whole machine is automatic production, stable and efficient, and can effectively improve market competitiveness. 
1.Machine Model No.: HY300U-02 
2.Control Mode:PLC Relay control 
3.Machine Size (mm) : L9870* W1400 * H2100 
4.Voltage : AC220V 50HZ/60HZ ≤10A 
5.Rated Power : 27KW 
6.Capacity : 15pcs/min
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  • HY300U-02

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